Apprenticeships & Vocational Qualifications

Diploma qualifications are nationally recognised which underlines an individual’s vocational skills and competencies. It can be hugely beneficial if it is undertaken whilst in employment. The Diplomas replaced the NVQ programmes in September 2014.

Firstly, a Diploma will help employees to recognise their exisitng skills and strengths and give them the opportunity to develop new skills. Secondly, by developing a clearer understanding of their own role within the organisation, employees are far more likely to take on extra responsibility in the workplace.

Employees aren’t the only beneficiaries of gaining a Diploma. If it’s delivered well, the employer will also benefit from an increase in staff motivation and performance and have a wider range of skills at their disposal.

On average, a student will take approximately 18 months to achieve their Diploma.

Our designated vocational training team have been providing accredited qualifications and apprenticeship support and assessment across South Wales since 2002, and have helped hundreds of candidates build their skills, qualifications and confidence. We currently offer the following programmes:

Business and Administration

Diploma in Business and Administration Level 2

Diploma in Business and Administration Level 3

Customer Service

Diploma in Customer Service Level 2

Diploma in Customer Service Level 3

Team Leadership and Management

Diploma in Team Leading Level 2

Diploma in Management Level 3

Diploma in Management Level 4

Diploma in Management Level 5

If you would like more information about any of our programmes, please feel free to give us a call.

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