Management Sector

Jessica Petersen – Cardiff Student Union

Student Advice & Advocacy Coordinator

Jess began her learning journey with JGR Training in January 2019 on her ILM L3. From the outset Jess was proactive in choosing her units and planning the units. I have seen Jess’ confidence in her own ability grow and grow throughout her Learning Journey. Jess was able to link key themes in to her units for example her work on the EDI unit encompassed many of the Key Themes that we discussed during the Apprenticeship. Jess was also able to contribute effectively to discussion on Welsh Language and culture even though she is not from Wales through her knowledge and understanding of her own organisations Welsh Language Policy.  Jess deserves this nomination as she put tremendous effort in to her L3 Apprenticeship, she has since gone on to complete her L4 and is now on L5 via the FE route but her foundation, ability and confidence was set in motion via her L3 Apprenticeship.