Preparing for interview

Congratulations, you’ve got the interview. Now you need to make sure you get the job..!

An interview can be one of the most stressful situations you have to face. You’re on show from the moment you enter the potential employer’s building to the time you’re back outside. Preparing to give a good performance is what can guarantee success or at least help you to give your best. With a little work beforehand, you can tip the scales in your favour.

You can start your preparation even before you know you’ve been invited to an interview. Understanding the purpose of interview and being aware of the contents of your own CV or application form is essential preparation for any interview.

If you don’t really feel the job is ideal for you, but it’s one you could settle for, you can approach the interview more as a means of gaining interview experience. But if it’s the job you really want – that elusive ‘dream job’ – then the interview becomes extremely important and you’ll need to put all your effort into excelling at it.

Key Points:

• Understand the purpose of the interview and structure your preparation accordingly.

• Prepare all the necessary information and have it ready if you need to use it.

• Get your paperwork ready and organised so you can easily find information you need.

• Research the company so you can ask sensible questions and resolve any queries.

• Research your own wants and needs and be prepared to justify them if necessary.

• Plan your journey with military precision so everything goes smoothly on the day.