Learner of the Season – Summer 2020

We have awarded the Learner of the Season to two of our learners, based on their commitment, motivation and excellent focus on their qualifications, while experiencing personal challenges during COVID.

Taz Jones

Taz works in the Advice department at Cardiff Student’s Union. The department is at the forefront of enhancing the student experience.

Taz started their ILM L3 back in December 2018. They were immediately engaged with the course, always attending our scheduled appointments and coming up with positive, logical and relevant ideas and evidence towards the qualification. In June 2019 Taz completed their Digital Literacy qualification at a level higher than required for the framework to stretch and challenge them.

During the lock down period Taz completed their ILM L3 and signed up immediately to the ILM L4 qualification which they are currently over half way through and we are looking towards Level 5!

Taz has adapted exceptionally well to home- learning (along- side home working!) and has been fantastically supportive to me and the challenges I have faced as an assessor during this difficult period. Taz is my IT guru showing me features of TEAMS and smart phones which have really helped me. Taz always completes surveys we send and helps JGRT Training by providing us with feedback on areas for improvement.

I am looking forward to working with Taz to complete their ILM L4 and move on to ILM L5! Da Iawn Taz!

Jessica Petersen

Jess works in the Advice Department at Cardiff Student’s Union. This has been a particularly busy time for this department trying to help students with the everyday stresses of rent, courses, exams, wellbeing and then Covid-19 hit us and created a whole host of issues and concerns which Jess had to help and support students and the volunteer staff even though it is something we are all learning as we go.

Jess signed up to ILM L3 in January 2019 and upon completion of this in April 2020 immediately signed up to the ILM L4, which is now also complete! Jess undertook the learning in a professional and enthusiastic manner. Jess always made time for appointments, catch up calls and review appointments, she did all this whilst going through some career migration within the SU and coping with lock down.

Jess has worked exceptionally well and with a great degree of independence to achieve both qualifications in such a short space of time. I hope that Jess decides to continue with ILM L5 but whatever her plans I wish her every success.