Matthew Henham

Learner of the Season – Autumn 2020

We have awarded the Learner of the Season based on their commitment, motivation and excellent focus on their qualifications, while experiencing personal challenges during COVID.

I became Matthew’s Assessor last year. He’d been making steady progress but was very keen to move along. From the outset Matthew was extremely enthusiastic about the course. He manages a very busy team in a stressful sales environment and it is difficult for him to find time to do the ILM course at work and completed many of his assignments by hand. Matthew and I met regularly at Autobahn and then we were hit by the Covid-19 crisis. Matthew was moved in and out of furlough however we spoke regularly and Matt continued to email me work. This extra effort on his part meant that he completed the entire framework for his Team Leader Award. I am really pleased to say that Matt has now started his ILM Diploma in Management with us and even though he is still facing the same personal and professional challenges Covid brings us he has remained positive and engaged in the course.